Election 2020 – California Voter Guide

In keeping with my tradition, I wanted to make my voter guide available to those who may benefit from such.  I am sure there are plenty of good guides out there, but this represents my own, rooted in a real desire for voting driven by principle, civic responsibility, and thoughtful contribution.  As for the race everyone cares about most, I said all I have to say about the Presidential race here.  But for California propositions and other such things, my guide is as follows:

State Senate 37th – John Moorlach

As important a race as there is in Orange County this year.  I promise you this: If we can’t get John Moorlach re-elected in Orange County, we can’t get anyone elected.  John is the best our party has left in this state.  He must be re-elected.

State Assembly 74th – Diane Dixon

Newport city councilwoman and recent Mayor in Newport Beach, Diane is a thoughtful, deliberative, and impressive person who the state assembly could learn a lot from.  I have known her well for six years now and can’t tell you how proud I am to be in her district.  A win for Diane will be a tremendous take back of a seat the Dems have no business having.

NMUSD – I barely care any more, and can’t even comprehend the horror these students and parents have been exposed to in this district as the continued bowing to teacher unions wrecks havoc in the lives of young people.  But for those stuck in this public school system, Krista Weigand is a champion.  She won’t be able to do much, but better her than the others.

District 2 Newport Council – Brad Avery

District 7 Newport Council – Will O’Neill


  • 14 – Hell no
  • 15 – Hell hell hell no.  If it passes, bye bye California real estate
  • 16 – Hell no
  • 17 – Barely no.  Felons who have completed their sentences should be allowed to vote.  Parole is not a completion of sentence.  A technicality?  Not really.  This is a no, but not for the reason too many on the right oppose it.  Ours is a God of redemption.  But parole comes up short.
  • 18 – Hell no – 17-year olds voting?  What could go wrong?
  • 19 – No.  I favor a tax base changing if a owner-occupied family leaves to next gen who uses as rental.  But this is too broad and too disingenuous.  So default is: no.
  • 20 – No.   I favor some crimes being treated as felonies that Prop 47 screwed up.  But no parole for non-violent offenders too broad.  Mandatory DNA for misdemeanor arrests an atrocity.  Write a better law and I’ll support it. This bill does a lot of good, but it does some bad, and it was not written well.
  • 21 – Hell no
  • 22 – Very tough and reserved and qualified yes.  I find AB5 abominable, but I am depressed that the authors of 22 only included ride share drivers.  All of AB5 should have been overturned.  That said, I am defaulting to a pragmatic support for these drivers and their families.  Next step: Over turn AB5.
  • 23 – No
  • 24 – No.  We need this like I need a hole in the head.
  • 25 – No
  • Prop Z in Newport – Yes

Love Maryott in 49, by the way

Hope Young Kim wins in 39

Biggest U.S. Senate seats to support – Ernst in Iowa, Daines in Montana, Tillis in NC, Collins in Maine. Win three of these four and the Senate stays red.

That’s all I got.  God Bless America.