Very, Very, Very Simple Summary of the 2020 Election

Republicans have a 53-47 lead in the Senate going into November 2020 election
We will win the Alabama Senate seat
We will lose Colorado and Arizona Senate Seats
So now we have a 52-48 lead

And we will need to win 3 of these 4 races to keep our lead (because a 50-50 tie will mean Biden’s VP breaks the tie, assuming Biden wins)

So the whole entire discussion for the next almost four months should be about nothing but the Maine, Iowa, Montana, and North Carolina Senate seats.

We are not going to win AZ and CO.  We are not going to steal Michigan.  There are four races that are toss-up, we hold all four of them right now, they are either red or purple states, and we have to win 75% of those races.  It can’t be easier to explain than this.

These four seats will determine more of the legislative direction of the country than anything else we think about.

I get that some will say “Trump is not out of it,” and I think that is fine (and adorable).  But if he wins, all of the above is obsolete because it just means we are going to win all four of those races anyways.  It means there is nothing to worry about with these other seats.  What I am saying is that these seats can be won even if he loses.  They can’t be lost if he wins.  So focus on winning these four seats to throw a separation of powers hedge at Joe Biden and the progressive left.

Maine, Iowa, Montana, and North Carolina.  If I weren’t a working man I would go on the ground in each of those four spots for the next four months.  Those four races ought to be the priority of every movement conservative.