Writings & Appearances – May 14, 2020

The quarantined life of this investment manager family man continues, as does the opportunity to join suit against the Governor of California for unlawful beach closures, to write a daily missive on all economic, market, and policy aspects of coronavirus, and to wax and wane ideological at National Review on various odds and ends.  Here are a few things I have been up to …


At National Review:

The Mortgage Forbearance in the CARES Act Is Seriously Flawed:

Applicants should be required to provide at least basic documentation for their claim that COVID-19 has affected them …


Banning Mergers and Acquisitions: A Bad Idea at a Bad Time:

AOC and Elizabeth Warren are from the government and they want to help …

I wrote about the overall economy this past week at DividendCafe.com

Sowing the Seeds of Human Flourishing – May 8, 2020

I’m writing regular updates on the COVID Pandemic and the reopening of America at:

COVID and Markets.com

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Episode 120: Zero to 60 to Texas in 2.1 Seconds

Elon Musk’s battle with regulators reveals everything about the late, great state of California. In other news: Union leaders see hospital layoffs as evidence of capitalism’s failure, and 150 economists beg Governor Gavin Newsom to let his people go. Bonus track: Will talks with the brains behind the free-market YouTube comedy series Love Gov.

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Interview on The Charlie Brennan Show w/ Amy Marxkors