David L. Bahnsen to Pen Book on Elizabeth Warren’s Dangerous Policy Agenda

Post Hill Press Signs David L. Bahnsen to Pen
Extensive Book on Elizabeth Warren’s Dangerous Policy Agenda

Post Hill Press has signed The Bahnsen Group’s Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer, David L. Bahnsen, to a book deal focused on critiquing the policy agenda of Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren. This is the third book Bahnsen will have published with Post Hill Press, his Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It, having been a best-seller after its February 2018 publication.

“Senator Warren is a formidable advocate of an ideology that warrants thoughtful critique regardless of whether she wins the 2020 Democratic primary,” says Bahnsen. “Far from a political hatchet job, my book will seek to unpack the dangers of her economic agenda if one’s goal is a more prosperous and productive American society.”

Post Hill is targeting a February 2020 release. The book will be available in hardback, e-reader, and audio versions.

Anthony Ziccardi, CEO of Post Hill Press said, “David’s Crisis of Responsibility book set the table for him to tackle key cultural and political issues without the rank partisanship that is increasingly present in this age. Elizabeth Warren is not merely a political figure; her agenda personifies a political topic in and of itself, and David brings economic chops to the dissection of her radical agenda.”

There will be a strong emphasis on Warren’s economic proposals in the book, evaluating the flaws in the candidate’s policy proposals on energy, health care, taxes, student debt, and financial regulation. Bahnsen will draw a careful contrast between the 2003 Warren, author of The Two-Income Trap, and the current Senator Warren, who has become the leading spokesperson in the country for a radical progressive ideology.

“I believe Elizabeth Warren has a very good chance of being the Democratic nominee for President, and of course has some chance of being elected the President of the United States. Even if in a year or so Elizabeth Warren is not a relevant person in American politics it will not change the fact that the ideology she espouses is growing in popularity, and is as antithetical to the American dream as anything I have seen in my adult lifetime. My book will seek to civilly and comprehensively demonstrate the danger her agenda represents.”

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