The 2018 Voter Guide

Back by popular demand, my annual ballot recommendations. Of particular interest may be the statewide ballots here in California, which I unpack one by one. In fact, if you want more elaboration, Will Swaim of the California Policy Center and I really get into the nitty-gritty of these ballots in this week’s Radio Free California podcast. But overall there is something for most everyone here, so read and enjoy, and no matter what, get out and vote. When I encourage people to vote, I actually am not encouraging people who don’t know anything to vote; I am only encouraging informed voters, regardless of their political perspective, to vote. I remain mystified by those who would romanticize turnout for the sake of turnout. What we need is a higher quality voter – engaged, mature, thoughtful – not mere number stacking. But I digress …

The discussion of the pros and cons of each ballot initiative are more thoroughly processed in the aforementioned podcast, so I do recommend giving it a listen. In the meantime, the bottom line is:

Prop 1 – No
Prop 2 – No
Prop 3 – No (this one was tougher, but still no)
Prop 4 – No
Prop 5 – Yes
Prop 6 – Yes (though my preference is we elect a better legislator)
Prop 7 – Yes
Prop 8 – No
Prop 10 – No, No, No, No, No, No, No
Prop 11 – Yes
Prop 12 – No

If you have particular questions about your local city initiatives or council races I am happy to chime in. Email

In Orange County, I am hugely behind Don Barnes for Sheriff, and Tony Rackauckas for District Attorney.

In Anaheim, I believe a vote for Harry Sidhu as Mayor or Trevor O’Neil for city council will prove to be one of the most embarrassing and values-corroding votes one could ever cast. These bought-and-paid-for RINO’s are a testimony that Obama-era cronyism is alive and well even in the deepest entrenchments of the Republican party, where some cannot stand up to moneyed interests of companies and especially lobbyists. These two are a walking symbol of why Orange County is headed blue. A vote against these corporate welfarists will serve as a wake-up call that enough is enough with those devoid of a value system, integrity, and principles of free enterprise.

On Judges:
YES votes to –
Mark Kelly
Carol Corrigan
Judith Haller
Richard Huffman
Patricia Benke
Art McKinster
Douglas Miller
Raymond Ikola
David Thompason

I am fine with the Republicans in each state assembly and state senate race, though some being “the best available” are, ummmmm, sad.

Statewide there are no Republican seats we will win at top of ballot, but you may as well vote for them.

In Lieutenant Governor, with two Democrat options, I cannot imagine any better stance than to abstain (it is not like one of the candidates is acceptable). As for Feinstein vs. De Leon in Senate, pre-Kavanaugh I would have picked Feinstein as the lesser of two evils against the Sandinista De Leon. But post-Kavanaugh I would not vote for Feinstein in any strategic cutesiness endeavor for all the tea in China.

Congressionally, Mimi Walters needs and deserves your vote in the 45th. Kimberlin Brown Pelzer has a real chance of picking up a seat in the 36th. Young Kim will be an able replacement to Ed Royce in the 39th.

The races I care about outside California (actually races, I care about far more than California):
• Adam Laxalt for Governor in Nevada
• Rick Scott for Senate in Florida
• Josh Hawley for Senate in Missouri
• Marsha Blackburn for Senate in Tennessee
• Martha McSally for Senate in Arizona (unfortunately, the President’s early support of her two wingnut primary opponents is hurting her, but the radicalism of her Democrat opponent is helping her)

It will be fascinating to see what forces win out in terms of overall enthusiasm and momentum. My overall impression is that the anger of the radical left is louder in bark than bite, but the independent and center-right fatigue over some of the President’s antics is real. The Kavanaugh matter reversed momentum in a big way, and almost surely regained the Senate for the Republicans. I still expect to see the Democrats take the House, but not by the margin previously believed. Orange County has several Congressional races that may come down to a recount.

We live in crazy times.

For any seat or initiative I missed, do not hesitate to reach out. And God Bless America.