Tax Reform and the White House

I have strong opinions about our country’s desperate economic need for growth in the years and decades ahead, and strong opinions about the role well-constructed tax reform can play in facilitating such growth.  As the White House and GOP-led Congress prepares to push such tax reform through, I am compelled to offer strong opinions about some of the controversial aspects of said proposed reform – particularly around the deductibility of state and local taxation (the elimination of which is pivotal to the plan, and something I wholeheartedly support).  I offered up these strong opinions on National Review the other day, and the White House liked it:


Yesterday I was interviewed on the POTUS network of SiriusXM Radio about this very subject and I thought it was a substantive conversation.  You can listen here.

I believe that something called “tax reform” is going to pass now that the Senate has the votes to get their budget resolution out.  The fight begins now, though.  Because what they pass that they call “tax reform” can mean a lot of different things as the amendments and horse-trading start flying in the reconciliation process.  It is absolutely imperative that the crony-lobbyist-class be rebuffed – that the reformational even more than the reductional part of tax reform be maintained.  To pass bad tax reform will be worse than no tax reform at all, for it will stunt the generational need for growth creation vital to the economic health of our great country.  So in the weeks ahead the need to not water down this reform or create carve-outs for every tom, dick, and harry who wants to hold on to some precious deduction must be maintained.

Onward and upward!