Review of Jesse Eisenger’s The Chickensh** Club


My review of Jesse Eisenger’s The Chickenshit Club can be found here

It was published in National Review print magazine (subscription), so this link will bring you to the article, where you will have some options.

A teaser:

Do companies break the law, or do people? Because a person has a face, and enjoys constitutional rights, including such arcane ones as “innocent until proven guilty,” prosecuting individuals is not easy. But it is not easy because it is not supposed to be. Our legal tradition demands a high burden in prosecuting the accused, and this entire cultural context is exactly why. Innocent or potentially innocent people should not be the sacrificial lambs when a thirst for “Old Testament justice” (Treasury secretary Tim Geithner’s famous phrase) overcomes the desire for genuine justice. To give in to the political temptation to take down real people, in order to make a purely symbolic statement, is wholly unbecoming of our republic.

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