The End Draws Near (thank God)

This embarrassing and despicable election cycle is going to end soon, and it can’t come soon enough.  The polls are at this point mostly clear as to what will happen both in popular vote and battleground states where the electoral college will be settled, but I suppose stranger things have happened (not really).  I don’t know what people thought would happen tonight, but essentially a third debate rarely moves the needle, and at this point it is hard to believe anything will matter.  People who loathe Hillary keep hoping more WikiLeaks bombs get dropped, and they are getting dropped day by day, and yet it is not moving the needle.  That has something to do with the press, no doubt, but it has everything to do with Hillary’s opponent, who is the only reason she has any supporters at all.  But really, I think this was setting up to be an insider/outsider election, with a really flawed person and candidate playing the role of outsider, and then that candidate did what many of us knew all along he would do – and that is let his narcissism and ego-driven passions of his life take over.  Take over they did, and this election is pretty much over barring a bizarre miracle.

As far as tonight goes, Trump started rather weak, missed a lot of opportunities in the gun control and Planned Parenthood and Supreme Court discussion at the beginning (yes, he really, really, really did in his chance to highlight how important the Supreme Court is to this election go straight to the “insult” Ruth Bader Ginsburg hurled at him – ay yi yi).  He picked up steam half-way through or so, and he did land some hard hits against Hillary on many deserved issues (her utter corruption with the Clinton Foundation, the email scandal, the WikiLeaks scandal proving that Democratic campaign operatives started the fights at his rallies, etc.).  She seemed really unprepared to answer on all of these points, which was surprising, other than the fact that her people have told her it’s over and to just get off stage.

Once again Trump went way off the rails on NAFTA and such, and the best reason I have come up with is that it is the only thing he actually really believes in (hatred for free trade), even though he is dead wrong on the issue.  Hillary strained credibility with her comment that she has “dedicated her life to helping children” (who really believes that), and that “the Clinton Foundation has given away 90% of its money straight to programs” (the real number is less than 10%).  Hillary made the customary leftist threats against the “rich and powerful” (because she is poor and weak?), and Trump railed against the things he normally rails against.  Both candidates spoke mostly to their own bases.

I would say it was Trump’s best debate of the three, and I would say it was Hillary’s worse.   My depression over the Hillary-bomb that Trump and his supporters have left us with was intensified throughout the debate.  She is a truly agitating person, no seeming capacity for human empathy, and as self-serving as anyone to have ever run for office in American history.  I mean that with every ounce of breath in my body.  I am not being hyperbolic.  She is just awful, and I really don’t know if I will be able to stand listening to her for the length of time she is in office.  Overall, Trump won the debate tonight in style and content, and I would be very surprised if it matters at all.

Much is being made about Trump refusing to answer as to whether or not he would accept the results of the election.  His posture on that whole issue is just absurd, and he won’t help himself much (other than in sparking heat for what his post-election business plans are).  There is a certain hypocrisy on the whole thing, as Al Gore and the left has disputed the legitimacy of 2000 for years (even after the votes proved beyond any shadow of any doubt that Gore lost).  But ultimately, no one should be surprised, and Trump’s post-election class is not likely to be any more Presidential than his pre-election class has been.

I will wait until after the election for my more thorough autopsy of this whole escapade.  For now I am just glad it is almost over.  Save the Senate.  And get ready for a pivotal four years in our nation’s history.  A corrupt and crooked individual is about to become our President, and conservatism is going to be needed more than ever.  Conservatism is going to have to deal with two potent threats in the years ahead – one is the person who wins the election, and the other is the person who does not.