New York Values and Harvard Lawyers

Are there people in New York whose entire “value system” consists of “money, abortion, gay marriage”? I guess. I’ve never met any, though obviously it’s a socially liberal place (hardly isolated). But are there people in the south whose value system consists of racism and segregation? Sure, there’s some. So if a leftist referred to racists as having “southern values”, would we be offended? I’d be outraged, because I should be. I’m sorry, but this New York thing is no different. Cruz should fight against elitism, materialism, humanism, liberalism, whatever he wants; but “New York values” are to many a reference to some of the hardest working and most resilient and loyal people in world history. I fully get the politics of it – I would hope Cruz would quit asking those evil New Yorkers for money, by the way – but this issue is bothering me more and more since the debate.

If we tolerate this kind of ignorance and offensive misportrayal, we forfeit our right to cry foul when it’s done against us or another group who we happen to have a higher regard for. There’s only one group I feel comfortable unilaterally dismissing as having bankrupt values:

Harvard lawyers.