Some Hope for the Cause of Life

There are fair reasons to be disappointed with the pro-life movement in this great country of ours. The movement has often lacked strategy. It isn’t unfair to say it has often favored piety over technique. Too often, it has relied on politics (unsuccessfully) to advance it’s cause, and ignored or de-emphasized the real opportunity to advance the cause of life: Culture, Health Care, and Relationships. For a small few, tactics have often been obnoxious (though the media loves portraying that small few as indicative of something systemic). Either way, I am a pro-lifer, and I am a pro-lifer for no other reason than the fact that I believe life begins at conception. I do not believe anyone is NOT a pro-lifer if they also accept that premise (i.e. “I also believe it is human life at conception, BUT I favor the right to end it”). The issue is, always and forever, when life begins. I support a lot more choices than my left-wing friends do. I actually think people should have choice about where they educate their kids, choice about how they set up a business, and choice in various economic and personal parts of their lives. The pro-choice movement has built itself around just one choice, and for the reason I have just stated (my belief that life begins at conception), I cannot and do not support that choice. You would think the other side would be content to say, “well, we disagree that life begins at conception, but as long as you believe that, we respect your opinions on this issue.”. I would say that I am not out of bounds to say that respect and understanding are not characteristics of how the other side has treated us pro-lifers.

But here’s the thing: My objective is NOT to win an argument here, it is not just to pass a piece of legislation or celebrate an election result, and it is not to widen the cultural divide. From the bottom of my heart, my objective is to defend the sanctity of life, and celebrate the miracle of children and families and healthy babies (and mothers) in our society. When a woman finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, I am not a pro-lifer who believes that we have done our job if we merely take away the legal access to abortion. What I want – what all pro-lifers should want – is for that woman to receive REAL care, real counseling, real support, and real medical attention. From that process, guided by true medical professionals who actually follow the oath to “do no harm”, I am confident life will be preserved, women will be cared for, and our society will benefit.

Enter Obria Medical Clinics.

We sponsored a table last night at their Annual “Legacy of Life” Gala, and were just so touched by their focus on providing all the medical care that Planned Parenthood claims to offer (HIV testing, STD testing, prescriptions, prenatal care, etc.). But what they are doing is rooted in a real care for women and a real care for babies. It is an actual alternative – it is not shouting and it is not toxic – and with 200 medical clinics to be opened over the next five years, it is going to save lives. We heard last night from the gentleman behind the now famed Planned Parenthood tapes. I don’t really know what to say when people defend what took place on their tapes. It is the most grotesque thing I have seen in a first world country in my lifetime. But all the efforts to fight their atrocities will still at best only represent 50% of the objective. Obria is not merely against Planned Parenthood; they are FOR something – for a healthy and nurturing alternative rooted in quality medical care and true holistic love.

Check them out: