Tapping into Something Serious: Tales of a Carnival Barker

I can handle a guy like Sean Hannity and a gal like Ann Coulter uttering the new stock answer all conservative talk radio types feel compelled to utter, but when the hyper-brilliant Mark Steyn said the same thing the other night, I knew the world had gone mad. There are folks actually willing to say they like Trump (Coulter is one of them). They represent the not very bright part of conservatives. There are people who just know he will flame out and that then this race can begin. George Will, National Review, the main GOP candidates, and if anyone cares, yours truly, are in this camp. And then there is this mealy-mouth, pitiful, irrational, sad tale of backboneless pandering that has taken over most everyone else (from people I think about not at all to people I actually like), and their approach is the:

“Well, you know, Trump has really tapped into something, and I think we have to look at the frustration the people have with Washington and the anger over immigration and look at that this all means …” (blah blah blah).

Look, if credible and intelligent people feel the need to legitimize the illegitimate and validate the invalid, the train has left the station. I remain resolute that there aren’t enough sociologically fragile people to take this carnival barker seriously into the primary win column come next winter/spring. His 22-25% is a shock to many of us, but it is far less than what Perry had in September 2011 and far less than what Guiliani had at this time in 2007. The clutter of the field has made this rise possible, together with a highly complicit media, a lowest-common denominator viewer, and the skill of a remarkable celebrity. A thrice-married, pro-choice until the debate, serial adulterer, single payer advocate, 75% wealth tax advocate, hyper protectionist, reality TV star has convinced 26% people he is a spokesperson for conservatism.

And we criticize Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for saying he is a female?

Dear Lord. The chorus of Laura Ingraham and now my friend Mark Steyn, who are legitimizing Trump with those irresponsible and somewhat incoherent comments need to take a breath. Kim Kardashian has 38 million twitter followers and I feel no need to wonder what she her popularity means to our society. Some people get an audience because some people in an audience are not very bright. Is this news? The 2016 election is a serious election with serious implications for national security, personal liberty, economic growth, and a future vision for America. The Democrats are threatening to support the most corrupt cronyist degenerate their party has ever put forward, and that is saying something! We have several very, very good candidates, and there is no time for a carnival barker reality star narcissist like Trump. It is embarrassing for our party, our movement, and frankly, for our country.

That’s all I have to say about Trump for the time being.