Donald Trump’s Accidental Contribution to the Cause

Sometimes folks on the “kooky” right (I won’t use the term “far” right, because it begs the question about what is “truly right”, and it seems geographically and geometrically confused) can force some serious head-scratching out of those of us trying to change the world, and who have read a book or two in our journey. But other times their hugging of bizarre ideas and obsessions pales in comparison to their political naivete. The latest case du jour involves the man-crush some of these nitwits have on the intolerable Donald Trump, he of universal health care advocacy and so forth and so on. This reality TV star narcissist could have never, ever guessed that there would be this level of useful idiots available in his objective of, well, being on TV. Is he seeking any notable public policy change? Of course not. Does he believe he has an iota of chance to win the nomination? I doubt he will even spend one dollar on this campaign and never, and that he will ever dare how REAL financials (since this blog was published, another of his entities declared bankruptcy). He jumped in this race for some headlines and profile, and voila, the bottom 10% played right into it. Well done. But what is the political naivete of which I speak?

Those in that Breitbart/Ann Coulter/anti-immigrant/”we have to stick it to China” camp for whom economic education is to be thought of the way small children think of lima beans are not likely to support some of the more credible Republican candidates in this field at first glance. Their hope of an outlier “pure” conservative who meets many of the wish list items they have probably goes through Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. And who is Donald Trump going to take votes and attention from the longer he stays in this race? Well, it’s Ted Cruz, my friends. Ted Cruz is not likely to be your President any time soon, but he is a serious candidate until proven otherwise. And Ted Cruz, the one candidate most mysteriously trying to play footsies with this nitwit Trump, is by far the candidate with the most to lose with Trump lingering around priming the pump for a reality show on Fox.

So go ahead tea partiers – celebrate a guy who once favored a 75% tax rate and is threatening to stick a fork in free trade all over the globe. It is YOUR people who will suffer. And when this news cycle ends, there will still be some grown-ups in the room, many of which have a chance of being elected President (Marco Rubio most certainly would be; Jeb cannot win in a general; Scott Walker we shall see; etc.). And what does this little three-week reign of embarrassment bring those of you who jumped on the bandwagon? Shame and pity, and that’s it.