Larry Kudlow to the Lincoln Club: Economic Growth

Saturday night represented the 52nd annual Lincoln Club of Orange County annual gala. It was a phenomenal evening of celebration, fellowship, and rallying around the cause of limited government that we as a club hold dear. I posted my speech yesterday that I gave in introduction of our key note speaker Larry Kudlow. But a few comments are also in order regarding the message Larry delivered …

We as a party our fooling ourselves if we believe the Benghazi scandal and the Lois Lerner travesty are going to, in and of themselves, win elections for Republicans. A search for the truth can and should continue, but there is one message, and one alone, that can deliver the GOP the Senate and eventually the White House: Economic growth, and not just economic growth, but an economic growth that lifts all boats. Truer words could not be spoken.

Larry maintained that we are the party of life – the party of the unborn – and yet he also was eager to remind Republicans that we need a big tent to win elections. There was no compromise of principle suggested; just a reminder of the basic math needed to win elections.

The foreign policy fiasco Obama faces is directly related to the economic weakness we face at home. Putin knows that Obama has no leverage; Gorbachev knew that Reagan did. It’s really that simple. A strong and vibrant economy starts with entrepreneurs, and this president hates them. Period. Free entrepreneurs to create, keep American business from running to foreign countries to flee our oppressive corporate tax code, and economic strength will resume; and when economic strength resumes, we can once again be taken seriously on the world stage. Pretty simple, eh?

Larry is right that the message of economic growth is the huge need of the hour – the message that the Republicans must coalesce around. The only caution I would offer is that if that message is offered in a web of policy points and wonkishness vs. humanity and empathy, it will fall short. We are living in an era in which American ingenuity in energy and technology ought to make us the envy of the world. This is an era that can make a waitress in North Dakota 40k per year and a land rep in Montana 100k per year. We need not fret the businessman and risk-taker doing the deals that faciliate such an environment becoming a millionaire. America needs economic growth because it is the right thing for everyone – across all income brackets – for people of all walks of life. It fosters the maximization of human potential – human fulfillment – human dignity through achievement. Economic growth is a winning message.

My conclusion is this: I could listen to Larry talk for hours upon hours upon hours. He is a patriot and a dear human being. And if the GOP would take to heart his message of economic growth, we’ll be winning elections for years to come.