When “Non-Interventionist” Means Imperial Bully Intervention; or, Why Ron Paul does not want Rand to be President

Just when I get ready to believe that Rand’s vastly superior political skills to that of his father’s could make him political in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary, Ron Paul goes out and says this:

Ron Paul says Putin’s intervention in Crimea all good by him

I will ignore, for now, the utterly incredible ignorance of history and law embedded in Paul’s viewpoint here. I will ignore his coddling of international bully and criminal, Vladimar Putin (who seems to have more supporters from paleo cons like Ron Paul and Pat Buchannan than from anyone else in the world). Allow me to simply point out the obvious when Ron Paul goes public saying inane things like this:

He obviously does not want his son to have a place in the national political scene.

There is no way Ron would say anything in public, ever, let alone this, if he were interested in protecting Rand’s national spotlight. Rand is a gifted orator and an effective senator, but one who will naturally be tied to his father wherever the press and the left can get away with it. Considering the carnage Ron carries in his various associations, viewpoints, and conspiracy theories, one would think Ron would do whatever he needed to do to allow Rand to breathe a little free. But that would imply Ron wants Rand to be President.

My own opinion is that Rand probably does share a lot of his father’s morally bankrupt views (though not all), but is a much stronger advocate of the good part of the Paul family message. Rand is highly unlikely to ever be in a position to be elected President due to the association with his father, but all things considered net-net I believe Rand is formidable in a primary and would probably have no choice but to NOT govern from the radical isolationist viewpoint of his father (if he were ever elected President). The politics of it all in 2016 are too complex to decipher right now but Rand has an appeal that could be useful, if one were comfortable that he would keep his Paul-ness in check. Ron seems hell-bent on making sure no one needs to worry about any of the above.