Inching Closer to the Oval Office: Romney Sweeps the Debates with 14 Days to Go

Some of my friends on the right can be excused for wishing that Romney had gone for the throat tonight. Obama practically begged him to on the Libya debacle, and yet Romney didn’t take the bait, providing measured, competent, intelligent, reasonable, and dare I say, Presidential, answers each step of the way. Obama looked angry, petulant, and childish. As Krauthammer said, Romney played a serious game tonight, and Obama played small-ball, only small-ball doesn’t capture just how small he went. In between a multitude of accusations like, “you have investments in companies that ship jobs overseas to China” (you know, like, um, Apple), Obama was rude, dismissive, defensive, and ultimately, desperate. This was a very good night for Mitt Romney.

Neither the second nor third debate represented the kind of devastation Romney exposed the President to in debate #1, but that would have been impossible. What Romney did tonight was demonstrate a keen competence in matters of foreign policy, and eliminate any possibility of Obama being able to link him to Bush/Cheney. In fact, Obama himself looked far more like Bush/Cheney than anyone else has since, well, Bush and Cheney. It is a true irony of this election that those who claim to have opposed Bush and Cheney’s militaristic imperialism do not seem to notice Obama’s drone-killings,, maintenance of Gitmo, and open bragging about intervention in Libya, etc. But I digress. The truth is that Romney was so prepared for tonight, it is uncanny. Obama’s people can not be happy that Romney so skillfully avoided the various traps they set for him.

I think each guy had a few one-liners of note tonight, but none was more effective (or true) than Romney’s defense of America against Obama’s “apology tour”. That America has not been a dictator, but rather freed countries from dictators, is indisputable. The Ron Paul Libs and the George Soros Libs have no response to it. We have not occupied anyone on planet earth, and in fact have been the greatest force for good and peace the world has ever seen (even if one disagrees with some of the policy decisions along the way). Romney struck a perfect balance between criticizing the President and defending America’s place in the world.

Look, the election is not over yet, but we could be on our way. Obama gained no ground tonight, and he needed to. Romney was Presidential, and that is exactly what you want from the man who will soon be President.

14 days to go, friends. God-fearing people are praying for Romney to close this deal, and put an end to the most disastrous Presidency in any of our lifetimes.