John Fund Tells us the Democrats Plan B

I had John Fund speak for the Lincoln Club luncheon today, and I wanted to share a few of his thoughts.

First and foremost, he is adamant that California CAN be brought back from the abyss (John is, by the way, a native northern. Californian). He led with Churchill’s adage that government will always do the right thing, but first has to exhaust all other possibilities. But he used Scott Walker and Wisconsin as a bit of a model: First, they made union dues voluntary. Then, 60% of union participants quit paying dues. Then they had a firestorm that permanently changed (and likely repaired) that state. In Indiana, only 5% of union members now pay their dues. Many unions are dissolving now and becoming associations, rather than deal with life as a corruption-stripped entity. If we win Prop 32, we will win back California. It is that simple.

On to the Presidential race:

There will be a trail of emails that will be released in the coming week that will be damning for the White House. The Libya thing is a noose around his neck, and it will re-surface as a major issue the day after the final debate.

Gallup has Romney up 6 points. He leads with registered voters for the first time. He is dead-tied in Wisconsin. He is looking better in Ohio. He is within 3 points in Pennsylvania. It is looking much, much better. But …

Plan B for the Democrats has ALWAYS been: Cheat!!

John proceeded to provide anecdote after anecdote after anecdote of voter fraud around the country. He established beyond any shadow of any doubt that 1,100 felons illegally voted in 2008 for the Senate race in Minnesota (Al Francken won in the third recount by 300 votes). How you like them apples?

He does not believe in representation without respiration. -) There are two million dead people in this country on the voter rolls. How you like them apples?

Ultimately, the issue, to John (and he is right) is this: When Republican candidates lose, they go get jobs in the private sector. It does not work that way for Democrats. They view cheating as a necessary evil to salvage their professional viability.

The evidence and context he provided were overwhelming. Get. His. Book. Seriously. It is just unbelievable.

He strongly exhorted us to lead the charge in getting voter ID laws passed in California … It was compelling. He also told me that he believes the court WILL uphold it once we pass it (and it polls at 70%+).

He believes the independent will win in Maine, George Allen wins in Virginia, and Linda McMahon wins in Connecticut. But, he believes Connie Mack loses Florida, Mandel is too close to call in Ohio (but not going well),

Overall, John is the pundit I most encourage you to read throughout the election (National Review), along with Jay Cost. We are going to win this election, friends. But we can not let them cheat.