Gov. Romney Makes his Last Trek Through Orange County

Republican candidates for national office graciously come to Orange County, CA quite a few times considering they have no chance of getting any votes here whatsoever. We Orange County-ites can not vote for the Senate race in say, South Dakoota, but we can write checks. And write checks we do! The result in 2002 was the removal from office of one Tom Daschle, and the introduction to the U.S. Senate we gave John Thune. The Presidential side is different. We CAN vote in this race, but the candidates don’t really even waste their time asking for our vote. They ask for checks, and who can blame them? We have no votes to offer them (in the present electoral college system), but we have plenty of money to offer them (presumably to use in states that matter like Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Wisconsin). In Orange County alone, Team Romney has cleared roughly $5 million between his two appearances over the last two months, making this amongst his most successful destination in the country. We Newport Beach-ites love ourselves a country with Obama, and the prayer of the patriots at the event last night is that the money will go towards the effort to remove him.

The top donors found themselves in the photo line to meet Gov. Romney last night, and then they found themselves waiting there for over 90 minutes, as Team Romney called an ad hoc press conference to address this idiotic story from the beacon of high quality editorial journalism, Mother Jones, a site I use to purge friends from my list (“I love that website, Mother Jones”, said one guy; “Get the hell out of my presence”, said me in return). It’s that bad – a literal monument to illiterate leftist smuggery. But regardless, Mother Jones got the scoop yesterday when they played a secret “bombshell” tape showing Mitt Romney say at a fundraiser some time back that his focus was not on the 47% of people who pay no taxes, and who have already determined that a life of government dependency is desirable. Romney feels, shockingly, that those people will mostly vote for Obama. Last night Romney had us photo-liners wait while he ran upstairs to address the press and put this event to bed (and frankly, it was I who really wanted to be put to bed by that point). From what I have read, he capably clarified his comments and at least set the stage for this to leave the news cycle in a few days instead of a few weeks. I would imagine this benign comment is not quite as big of a deal as, I don’t know, U.S. diplomats being murdered by our “allies”, or U.S. embassies being set on fire by our “friends”, but eventually this story will fizzle out. And perhaps one of the reasons it will fizzle is because there is no “there, there”. This sentiment is hardly controversial: The highest number of people in history are now in a position where they can receive from U.S. Treasury what they do not put in. Those people are largely going to be voting for Obama, and those people largely do not write checks to go to political fundraiser events. As a matter of political strategy, one would have to question Romney’s intelligence if he DIDN’T say what he said. Now, Romney is right to make the case that OBAMA is the one who has failed those groups. His vicious anti-enterprise administration has cut opportunity away for millions of people, and Romney has been as emphatic as can be in that he wants to reverse that direction Obama has us going down. But, no, he is not going to win a lot of votes from people who pay no taxes, and he was right to (a) State that the words were not a perfect expression of how he felt, and (b) Reiterate his opposition to a culture of government deoendency. It is that point B that is an OPPORTUNTIY for the Governor, not merely an obstacle.

Romney has just over fifty days to make his case to the American people that a vote for him is a vote against a system where half of the people in this country pick a President, and the other half work to pay for everything that first half wants. We are dangerously close. And THAT, my friends, will mean the end of the Republic. I will wait in line as long as I have to to fight against that happening. I am glad we did our part in Orange County to load up Romney’s war chest. He is fighting a power-hungry and corrupt machine, and Obama is not just playing 7-on-5 with the media as referees, he is playing 15-on-5. The results of this election will come down to whether or not those of us who produce in our society and who value the tone that comes from leadership regarding industry and enterprise are a large enough voting bloc to overcome the mainstream media, the Chicago political machine of Obama, and most importantly, that 47% Romney was talking about.

Of course, all may not be lost with those 47%. In 1972 George McGovern every offered child born into a family under the age of 18 a gift from the government of $1,000 to serve as a financial foundation to their lives. He lost, badly. The reason? “I knew how many people wanted $1,000”, McGovern said, “but I never appreciated how many people wanted to make more than $18,000”.

In that comment, lies the future results of the 2012 election.