Is Speech & Debate the Key to the Presidency?

If indeed Obama were to defeat Romney, I don’t think it will tell us anything other than that the better orator usually wins. Marco Rubio would be up 8 points if he were running right now. Bush was a walking Saturday Night Live skit but he had the blessing of running against two walking corpses (Romney would be Mr. Personality compared to Gore and Kerry). Romney may end up selling the country that an actual man of accomplishment is preferable to the ideological and real-life disaster that is Barack Obama. But the fact remains – the last 45 years of public schooling and yes, that extraordinary “higher education” that has created the stupidest bunch of people with credentials you ever thought possible (get it?) has created a society that is utterly incapable of following an argument, let alone caring about the merits of one. Oratory skill matters, but rhetoric as a replacement for substance is a sad state of affairs. Those who actually believe Barack Obama is more qualified to lead this country than Mitt Romney lack the intellectual capability to discern anything beyond who brings more flare to a teleprompter-speech. The founders must be dumbfounded,.