An Arizona Leader Tells You Exactly what Romney Just Did

My friend, Adam Kwasman, is going to be the next state representative in the Arizona house. He is an economist by trade (George Mason, no less, where economists go to become the kind of economists who know how to think). He read my recent post on Paul Ryan, and send me what is below with permission to post it. Adam’s response echoes the wisdom being felt and articulated by millions of Americans. Vote for Adam in the fall if you live in Arizona, and vote for Romney/Ryan if you love America …
For the first time, I think Romney can be a great president…like Reagan great. By choosing Ryan, Mitt has decided to treat the American people like adults and have the “Grand Conversation” of walking through the fire together and saving America’s future. The alternative is choosing the path toward European socialist decline. Pessimists have recently spoken about us liberty-lovers merely “negotiating the terms of our own surrender”….but in Ryan, Mitt is asking for the American people to give him the mandate of standing athwart history and saying “Stop!” For the first time, Mitt is playing the hero.

The choice could not be clearer and it will be up to Romney, Ryan, and frankly, us, to convince our family, neighbors and community to choose the path to prosperity. If Romney wins, it will give him the legitimacy needed to completely renovate our entitlement structure, reform our tax code, and maybe…just maybe…save our Republic.

The risks could not be greater. We’ve lost this battle before with Jesse Kelly (in my home district) and other Congressional candidates around the country. We know too well what the left will do to scare seniors and the uninformed into voting for their horrific politicians and policies.

That said, the battle (perhaps America’s final battle) is worth fighting. The cards are out on the table. As Jesse Kelly always said, we get the government we deserve in this country. I, for one, am no John Galt. I’m Dagny Taggert. The Republic is worth keeping.

I know, with God’s help, I will do my part in the AZ House. I am optimistic.

-Adam Kwasman is an economist running for the Arizona State House. You can follow him at or at