Christians Voting for Mitt Romney and the Smackdown of those Oppose to it

So a man I really, really respect a great deal and have known for a long time wrote a spectacular piece here. His name is Gary DeMar, he is a thought leader in the Christian community, and he wrote a cogently-reasoned piece on why political perfectionists and theological purists needed to see this election in the right context and vote for the man running who is not named Barack Obama. Frankly, the article was irrefutable and extremely well-done.

Then some guy you have never heard of named Bojidar wrote this ugly vile piece here. I don’t have anything to say about it. Because …

Another guy has come around here and absolutely made minced meat of poor Bojidar and the 13 other people out there who think like him. That guy’s name is well-known theologian James Jordan, and his piece is tight, cogent, faithful, and highly commended by yours truly.

I am totally focused on seeing Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama, and have been really good this year about avoiding fruitless conversations with the smallest of minorities who long ago removed themselves from any relevance in the public square. There are still third-partyites out there, and as you see from the Bojidar piece I cite above, there are still some people who literally believe Ron Paul will win this year. I do not carry on and on with my four-year old about her various imaginary friends, but I do think she is as cute as a button, and hopefully that tells you all you need to know about how I am viewing such sentiments. Look, there are some reasonable men and women of the Christian faith out there who are struggling with the decision to vote for Romney. They should read Jordan’s article, and feel much better about the whole deal. The others? Come on – who really cares … Onward and forward we go.