The New Bahnsen Viewpoint

Welcome to the new and improved Bahnsen Viewpoint blog (well, at least I think so)!  The site has been re-done from both a visual and functional standpoint, and we also have added a fun little silo for me to do restaurant reviews (nothing goes together like politics, economics, book reviews, USC football, and fine dining).  I hope you will enjoy the new site and the renewed commitment to more frequent content, especially throughout the election season.  Please share with your friends if you think they would be interested, and feel free to share any feedback you’d like, any time.  Follow Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  Sign up on the right side of the page for my free Weekly Market Commentary (sent only via email).  And thank you for taking the time to read my random musings on life …  I have but one objective with this blog: To share some of my own outlook on the things I care about most.  It is fun to do.  Fight on.  Oh, and Beat Obama!