David Bahnsen – “What Caused the Crisis: The Left AND Right Have it Wrong”

Here are both of my talks delivered at the April 28 conference on the causes of the 2008 financial crisis. The first talk provided a historical overview for the crisis, not beginning in 2007 or 2006, but actually in the 1930’s. The second talk walks through a plethora of things I believe did not cause the crisis (contrary to popular assertion), as well as things that were wrongly prescribed to try and fix the crisis. I essentially attempt to paint a picture of the narrative that the right and the left have created to describe the crisis, and instead provide what I believe to be a fuller explanation for what really caused the great crisis of 2008. My ultimate conclusion is one that should, if understood correctly, upset everybody.

Download Link – David Bahnsen Part 1 (.zip file, contains mp3 audio)

Download Link – David Bahnsen Part 2 (.zip file, contains mp3 audio)