Celebrating the Death of a Maniac Butcher

The following is what I posted on my Facebook page tonight:

Let me be clear as can be as someone who loves the Lord w/ every ounce of breath in his body: The self-righteous sniveling little moralists telling people that they should not be celebrating the death of this bloody butcher ought to be ASHAMED of themselves. They do not know their theology. They have not read the Psalms. They live in a bubble that does not feel the pain that permeates at Ground Zero. Shame on them.

Some of the Christian writers disseminating such a confused message are folks whom we should not expect anything more from.  Others are people I once respected, but long ago flew off the cuckoo’s nest.  Regardless, to whatever degree I can be useful in contributing to the subject: Our God is a God of justice.  To condemn the celebration of justice is to order people to not think God’s thoughts after Him.  I am always impressed by people who claim to be more loving than God.  My advice for them is to stay off their keyboards.  Sober leadership is required from today’s church leaders.  Self-righteous pacifism is a recipe for more death and mayhem – but the death I refer to and want to see avoided is the death of the innocent.

I am off to New York on business for the next few days.  I can not wait for a trip to Ground Zero this Saturday to pay my respects to those who lost their lives at the hands of a murderous butcher.  I have made the trek to Ground Zero countless times over the last ten years, but this trip will be extra special.  And I can not wait to celebrate the death of that murderous butcher alongside other men and women in NYC who went through far worse pain than this sick maniac could ever imagine.