America is Going to Thrive: My Summary from the Club for Growth Weekend

Pence I always enjoy the annual Club for Growth symposium, and I am as proud of this organization as I have ever been.  They have become major players in national politics, and are doing God’s work at holding politicians accountable.  No RINO is safe with the Club for Growth around. America is better off for it. 

Of all the wonderful speeches I heard and conversations I had this weekend, one thing sticks out as the biggest takeaway – there is a lot of reason to believe that things are going to get better. 

The permanent pathological pessimists have made one fatal miscalculation: They forgot about the ability of the things right with the country to fix the things that are wrong.  More specifically, the pathological pessimists were lamenting legitimate fears and problems, but they failed to account for people like Rick Scott, Mitch Daniels, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and John Kasich.  I wholeheartedly admit that there is a TON of work to be done.  But before those who predict the death of America should be congratulated, let’s let the folks around the country who are fighting the good fight have their stab at things.  I, for one, would not be betting against them. *************

Yesterday’s Twitter coverage:

Deroy Murdock asked Barbour how he’s done w/ black voters. He gave good answer; pointed out higher the office, less likely they vote Repub about 19 hours ago via HootSuite


Barbour’s speech a tad boring/nothing brilliant & he has some tough obstacles to overcome, but I could listen to this heavy accent all day. about 19 hours ago via HootSuite


When Barbour was lobbyist big pharma companies were clients. But as Gov he enacted requirement for Medicaid to try generic drugs first about 19 hours ago via HootSuite   


Mississippi requires everyone to re-establish their Medicaid eligibility IN PERSON. Funny how people didn’t show up. Cut Medicaid rolls 20% about 19 hours ago via HootSuite


“We need a grand total of one objective as a country: economic growth/job creation. Everything else is a side dish” – Gov. Haley Barbour about 19 hours ago via HootSuite


Gov. Barbour has never gotten enough credit for how he handled Katrina in Mississippi compared to that buffoon in Louisiana about 19 hours ago via HootSuite


Wesbury blasting those pathological perma-bears who suffer from “economic hypochondria”. Love it! about 20 hours ago via HootSuite


Brian Wesbury, my friend & perhaps favorite living economist, just said: Greenspan 1% rate & mark to market accounting caused crisis about 20 hours ago via HootSuite


“Lasik eye surgery not covered by insurance;have prices gone up or down? Govt all over education: prices up or down? Rest my case”-RickScott about 21 hours ago via HootSuite


Gov. Scott just railing on the fiscal insanity of high speed rail (get it). He is determined to make FL most biz-friendly state in country about 21 hours ago via HootSuite


Gov. Rick Scott – 7 steps to 700,000 jobs in Florida – all dealing w/ smaller govt, better govt, & less taxes/regulations. Reagan lives. about 21 hours ago via HootSuite


I just asked Pence if federalism was key for country, what would key be for us Californians? He PROMISED Congress will not bail us out. Yay! about 21 hours ago via HootSuite


Pence hitting hard the need for federalism for America to be at it’s strongest … Intelligent and articulate case for state’s rights about 21 hours ago via HootSuite


Pence pointed out that while we’ve had a couple Republican majorities in House over years, we’ve never had CONSERVATIVE majorities (til now) about 21 hours ago via HootSuite  


There is more security here for Florida Gov. Rick Scott than there was for John Boehner last night about 22 hours ago via HootSuite


I am sitting in my chair listening to Mike Pence just sad sad sad that he is not running. about 22 hours ago via HootSuite


Getting ready for lunch address from the man I wanted to be President, the next Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence about 22 hours ago via Twitterrific