Day Two of Club for Growth

Another great day here in Florida with the Club for Growth.  The very most principled members of Congress addressed us, along with a few other fantastic thought leaders and public policy wonks.  I am waiting until tomorrow is complete to editorialize and summarize, but here is day two as I live-tweeted it.  (Note – these tweets appear in the reverse order that they were tweeted …  Because it is a mere cut and paste from twitter, the top ones are the most recent and the bottom ones were sent at the beginning of the day. )

Loving how Boehner just HAMMERS the EPA every chance he gets
Based on this dinner I am eating I am going to say that the Ritz Carlton does not like John Boehner. -( Thank God for room service
“Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid just do not like each other” – John Boehner
Anyone want to know what Congressman has never taken an earmark in 11 terms of office? Your Speaker of the House, John Boehner
John Fund also predicting Walker will win and get vote on his budget in WI, but THEN recalls will start, and it will get uglier
John Fund just said that Al Franken’s election to Senate in Minnesota represented the 60th Senate vote & therefore the passage of ObamaCare
Erick Erickson from RedState is DECIMATING earmarker Repubs like Hatch and Corker who need to “get primaried”
Critics of Club4Growth bring up O’Donnell/DE but ignore Rubio/FL, Toomey/PA, Johnson/WI, & Paul/KY. Principled conservatism the only kind.
Eric O’Keefe/Sam Adams Alliance making case for voter participation in primaries. More $$ leverage. Incumbents hard to beat in the general.
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has impressive grasp of Constitution & a practical, strategic way for seeing it re-enter American political life
“A reasonable Democrat is one who always votes with you when you don’t need their vote.” – Sen. Thune
I’ve always liked John Thune, & still do, but based on fire/energy of his speech, I think it’s best that he removed his name from 2012 race
Romney & his folks are all in on the “I am a businessman; I helped the Olympics” card. It is his best bet, I concur. But it’s not enough.
Romney’s defense of MA health care is identical – verbatim – to what it was two years ago. And it is no more coherent now than then.
Romney now talking about differences b/t RomneyCare in Massachusetts and ObamaCare. AWKWARD!!
Romney just said “I don’t think Obama purposely wants to hurt America”. I understand forced congeniality, but who cares what intentions are?
I reiterate my long-held contention that Mitt Romney is never going to be your President, but I am always impressed with his eloquence



Michelle Bachman was brief but passionate (as always). She swears Obama/Pelosi snuck in $105bn appropriation to obamacare. Fighting it!
“Everything that has happened to create 2008 was in one form or another a by-product of the govt distorting the price of risk” – Schweikert

DavidBahnsen One of the very best members of Congress, 96% Club for Growth score, Marsha Blackburn, is speaking now. TN is so lucky to have her.13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete

DavidBahnsen Chocola is convinced Paul Ryan wants to be bold and do good things; not convinced GOP leadership and the rank & file will follow him13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete

DavidBahnsen Chocola rightfully bragging about how much to the right Orrin Hatch moved after Club for Growth was done with Bob Bennett =)13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete

DavidBahnsen Love Chocola/Club for Growth priorities:(1) Get most pro-growth guy in safe GOP areas;(2) Throw bum GOP guys out in primaries;(3) Win races13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete

DavidBahnsen Do people understand that Bob Bennett is out of U.S. Senate,& Constitutional hero, Mike Lee, is in the Senate, b/c of Club for Growth?13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete

DavidBahnsen Chris Chocola, president of Club for Growth who replaced Pat Toomey now in U.S. Senate, kicking off morning. Showing lots of video clips.13 hours ago  Favorite  Reply  Delete