President Obama May See his Biggest Wish Granted

News today that a federal judge in Florida has ruled the entire ObamaCare bill unconstitutional has sent shockwaves throughout the Obama administration.  Or has it?  Let me put it this way: President Obama’s very best friend right now is Judge Roger Vinson.  Since Obama’s health care bill is supposedly his singular landmark piece of legislation, how could I possibly posit that the administration is tickled ny the judge’s ruling that the entire law be thown out?  And, am I just joking?  The answers are, “I will explain now”, and “no, I am absolutely not joking”.

So I am clear, it is absolutely my opinion that the thing Obama would like more than anything else right now is to get his health care bill punted by a Republican federal judge.  Unfortunately for Obama, and frankly unfortunately for us God-fearing decent Americans as well, the federal judge’s ruling will not stand, and this will end up in the Supreme Court.  At that point, my suspicion is that Justice Kennedy will become the sole arbiter of the future of medicine in the United States of America.  Judge Vinson ruled today that the individual mandate to buy insurance is unconstitutional (which it certainly is), and that because it is not severable from the rest of the bill, the entire bill must be voided.  By “entire bill”, I refer to the massive monstrosities that Americans are slowly but surely learning:  (1) This bill most certainly increases the cost of health care; (2) Private insurance premiums are increasing, not decreasing; (3) Medical device makers and pharmaceutical companies must pay billions of dollars of fees that come straight from their “research and development” budgets; (4) The bill includes $569 billion of increased taxes, and that is under-stated; (5) The bill puts the government in the horrific spot as serving as a sort of “gatekeeper” for health care decisions for millions of people; (6) The bill unconstitutionally forces all sorts of other actions in addition to the universal coverage mandate (including parents having to maintain coverage for kids through age 26 and various burdensome small business mandates; and finally, (7) Doctors are forced to take a 21-22% cut in reimbursement from Medicare, further obstructing the relationship between a doctor and patient. 

So here’s the deal: Obama did not please the left with this bill, who remain livid with him for pulling out the “public option”.  He did not please regular decent people with this bill, who went bonkers in the November election changing the face of the House of Representatives in historical fashion (primarily in response to this bill).  And now, the non-partisan groups reviewing the bill (the one that less than five U.S. congress members claim to have read) are debunking the myths that it could possibly reduce the deficit over ten years, let alone the cost of health care.  (Note: if you are ever interested in giving someone a generic IQ test, but don’t know where to find one, just ask them, “Hey, if we add 30 million previously uninsured people to the rolls, will that expense increase or decrease the deficit?; and if we add 30 million people to the health care system, will that increase or decrease costs?”; their answers will tell you far more than any IQ test ever would).  But I digress.  Obama is now dealing with the reality that he (a) Got no political benefit with his own base for this despicable bill; (b) He got potentially irreversible political headaches from the center of the country for this bill; and (c) The pragmatic effects of the bill are likely to be worse than the critics even expected, and nowhere near where the suck-ups were hoping.

So this brings me to my thesis: If he gets the bill thrown out by a judge, he saves himself from the pain and agony he faces from the public and the media as more painful repercussions come to the light of day.  In fact, he can spin it as a positive (“we tried to do something for the disadvantaged in this country but were shot down by an activist judge and other Republicans who clearly hate sick and poor people”) …  He can still tell the center-left that he passed the original landmark bill, and was behind the most profound re-definition of the state and its citizens in history.  And he can tell the far left that he doesn’t fear this setback and will eventually come back with a bigger plan that actually has the public option in it. 

 Without having to do ant political-lifting at all, Obama will separate himself from the projected fiscal insanity this bill represents, and will not have to live through the bad hangover it will surely create.  The whole thing is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court anyways, so if a Republican federal judge can get the bill eliminated from the American consciousness for a bit, Obama wll benefit (“damn these activist conservative judges” – genius!).

I very much doubt that the candidate of hope and change can just snap his fingers and adapt to the environment created by this bill going away.   That is why Judge Roger Vinson may be the President;s best friend – at least for now.