We Will Never Forget this Health Care Atrocity, Will We???

“We will never forget”. The words can still be seen in select parts of Lower Manhattan where they have the most intense of reasons to never forget. The entire country essentially promised after 9/11 that they would never forget, and I think that lasted for about 18 months, until people seem to have totally forgot what it was they were never going to forget. Foreign policy perspectives can essentially be divided now between those who have forgotten what took place on 9/11 and those who have not. Some may remember but just genuinely lack the moral courage or intellectual force to know what it meant (and means). But leaving aside the radical paleo-con isolationists and the MoveOn.org blame America First crowd, the vast majority of foreign policy deficiency I come into contact with can literally be explained by a poor memory. Too many Americans suffer from amnesia, and when the thing they are forgetting is a vicious attack on American soil at the hands of an Islamic extremist sworn enemy, the consequences can be dire.

I will propose today that the key determinant of the success the cause of conservatism either will or will not enjoy in the November 2010 elections will come down to the memory of the American people. The March 21 House passage of the Health Care reform bill (or as Howard Dean is content to call it, the Redistribution bill), ought to be so ingrained in the minds of the American people that the November elections create a full-blown paradigm shift in American politics. I am optimistic that this could end up being the case. But I can not forecast with the confidence I would like a Republican revolution in Congress. The need of the hour is a daily reminder of what was just done to them by the most hypocritical President in U.S. history and the most extremist House leadership we have ever seen. We must never forget. I hope our memory will last longer than it did with the last national tragedy.

The health care bill is going to impose a 2.3% tax on medical device companies. The fees it will take over the next decade surpass $20 billion, which I am going to go out on a limb and refer to as “blood money”. Let me say this more succinctly: That $20 billion is going to kill people. Let me help out a bit more: The $20 billion being illegally confiscated from some of the most needed companies in our economy to pay for this massive bureaucratic redistributionist mess is $20 billion that would be going into Research and Development for life-saving and life-altering equipment. The diversion of these funds will kill people. The mutants who passed this atrocity know that there could never be a linear causation established as I have suggested, but any reasonable person who thinks through it knows it is true. The health care bill is a violation of the 8th commandment – it steals from one group of people to give to another. But it is a violation of the 6th commandment too – its insidious redistributionist grab will curtail R&D spending, and the end result will be death and misery for an uncountable amount of people. I am no extremist, and I believe this with every ounce of breath in my body. If a moderately intelligent person thinks through this, they will have no choice but to draw the same conclusion.

Giving individuals the option of using pre-tax dollars to buy their own open market health insurance policies (including ones across state lines) would solve well over 70% of what is wrong with health care in our country. If readers of my blog knew what my doctor clients were telling me about the passage of this bill – including politically apathetic doctors and even left-wing clients – they would be shaking in their surgically-outlawed boots. I genuinely fear for the future of medical care in this country. But of course, I do not totally fear for my own family. I am a high earner, and where there is a checkbook, there is usually a way. But like all of the sick ironies of leftism, the victims are never, ever the rich people. No, in the name of helping the poor and middle class, this health care bill is going to punch poor and middle class people right across the face. And the reimbursement to treat that injury is going to be significantly cut. And guess what, Mr. Redistributionist Howard Dean? Rich people will be watching from their very nice offices with very qualified doctors who operate outside of the system as middle class people search in vain for a doctor who gives a damn (and quite possibly for a doctor who speaks English). Mark my words.

The individual mandate that coerces all people to purchase an insurance policy by 2014 is not understood by most people I have talked to. Hillary Clinton, of course, gets it, because she is smart, and she admitted in a recent TV interview that enforcement is going to be a problem, and that “garnishment of wages is always a possibility” when it comes to getting the money. Ay yi yi. We just passed a bill in the United States of America requiring healthy people to buy something, and we are going to take money out of their paychecks if they do not do so. This, my friends, is the road to serfdom.

The real victim of this bill are those who want a job, or those who will want a job. Employers are going to pay for this expense somehow, and they are going to do so through less hiring and lower wages. The requirements this bill puts on individuals, families, employers, and insurance companies are not understood by the American people. They need to do more than understand these things; they need to remember those things. If we do that – if we commit ourselves to remembering what took place in March of 2010 – then anyone who touched this atrocity will be out of a job in November. Of course, some districts are untouchable, but we do not need to win in districts where the constituents deserve the statist representatives they have elected. We need to send Bart Stupak and his ilk to the meadow. “We will never forget”. Let’s make this a battle cry again, and not let the next six months numb the American consciousness. November of 2010 will be a turning point in our country’s future. Stand tall. And do not forget.