A Boring, Offensive, and Unimpressive Speech: For Chris Matthews, a B+

I wish I could spend more time on the great Messiah’s State of the Union debacle, but time is short, and I have so little to say that will edify my readers that I ought to move quickly. It is not enjoyable to watch this train wreck of a Presidency; I still love America regardless of the collectivist-trans-nationalist-radical who presently leads her. But it is my love for country that causes me to be so firm in my criticism, so forgive me if you find it harsh.

(1) Very few people will pay attention, but Obama’s threat to bring back a tax on Americian corporation foreign earnings is one of the more horrific things he said last night. If his goal is to put the final nail in the coffin on the ability of American business to compete overseas, he is doing a wonderful job.

(2) It is stupefying to see someone say over and over and over again, “we have to do something about jobs; this is all about jobs; jobs; jobs; jobs”. If I felt really strongly about losing weight, I could talk about it a lot with a confused look on my face, or I could – I don’t know – quit over-eating and try going to the gym. If he wanted to do something about jobs, he could cut the da&*&n corporate tax rate and watch an imediate flow of investment into new labor in this country. He knows the solution. His economic illiteracy and ideological anger keep him from doing the obviously right thing. But in the meantime, if he won’t go to the gym or cut back on french fries, I just wish he would quit saying, “Geez, how can I lose weight?”

(3) Sorry. But the attack on the Supreme Court’s [delightful] decision in favor of free speech the other day (Citizens’ United and the Hillary Clinton movie) was one of the more unpresidential and classless moves of his undistinuished presidency. It was a shame to watch.

(4) I love the “tough guy” Obama, ready to fight the evil bankers and give a chest bump to his other homies in the Congress as they take on the nagging bullies that stand in their way. Like the swordsman who squared off against Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, there is a lot of real impressive flair coming from this guy before he squares off. The problem is that he is all bark, no bite, and the ending is so predictable. He has no clothes, and the nature of our republic will prove to be an insurmountable foe for Obama.

(5) The “blame everybody in the world but myself” bit had better end soon, because he is hanging his own party out to dry. “Bush did it” is painfully worn out. If they want to run on that in 2010, I say, “good luck”.

That will cover it for now. There is far better coverage at National Review‘s “Corner” Blog. I long for he day where the President called terrorist countries an “axis of evil” in his state of the union speech. Today, the company that signs your paycheck and our own Supreme Court justices are the only people getting so branded.