Pat Toomey takes 12 point lead on Arlen Specter

I have been very vocal in my political and social circles that there is no race I am more passionate about in the 2010 campaign than the Pat Toomey senate race in Pennsylvania. I have gotten to know Pat well over the last few years through my involvement in the Club for Growth, and I know him to be a man of integrity, principle, intellect, and conviction. Pat was a courageous Congressman in Pennsylvania, serving three terms as one of the most fiscally conservative representatives in the House. I believe that Rick Santorum and George W. Bush committed an unforgivable sin in endorsing the then-incumbent-Republican, Arlen Specter, over Pat in the 2004 Senate Primary. For Bush, it was at least moderately understandable (I am sure some despicable tradition really does exist that says no sitting President can not endorse an incumbent Republican). But in Santorum’s case, it was just incomprehensible. Specter stood for nothing whatsoever that Santorum claimed to; Pat is one of the most conservative men to have held national office in the last generation. (And by the way, Rick was booted out by the voters in 2006, so I guess sometimes we ought to do the right thing when we have the chance to do it, eh?).

Now, Pat faces an easy road to primary victory in 2010, since Arlen Specter finally showed his true colors, and switched to the Democratic Party earlier this year after a generation in office as an atrocious Republican. America needs Specter in office like we need a hole in the head, as he is a classic tax-and-spend liberal, and his very vote on the mind-boggling stimulus package is what allowed it to become law (yes, I believe Specter, Collins, and Snowe owe the American people $1 trillion). He has been a thorn in the side of every Republican who has ever tried to do anything right, and he has been an enabler of every Democrat who has ever tried to implement anything outside of the duties and rights of government. I loathe him far more for his utter dishonesty than I do his tragic ideology.

And I am happy to report that Pat Toomey is going to beat Specter, if Specter can even stay alive until the November election next year (I do not mean that literally, by the way; I am just referencing his own primary challenge with Joe Sestak). Toomey leads Specter by 12 percentage points according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Toomey is going to be a vote of restraint and principle in the Senate. This will be a huge, impactful, meaningful coup for Americans who value freedom, responsibility, and the document formerly known as the Constitution. I urge readers to look at Pat’s website and make a contribution. Pat led the Club for Growth heroically the last several years, and it is time to give him a leadership role in Washington D.C. Especially when that will simultaneously mean taking Specter’s role away. Let’s stay on mission.