2009 Weekly Musings Getting Ready to Begin

2009 will represent the fifth year in a row that I will be publishing my weekly musings on the world of college football.  I have long operated off the belief that I am “the biggest college football lover of all time”, and every week I try to demonstrate that love and passion through sharing my musings on the weekend’s activity for the world to see (or at least the 19 people who read them).  My bias is very clear: I am a USC football worshipper first and foremost, and I loathe the BCS system with all that is good and pure in the world.  Beyond that, I strive for objectivity.

The season is only four weekends away, though for my beloved Trojans an extra week awaits.  Fall camp is set to begin around the country next week, and I will be on the scene, musing along the way.

Every season is a joy.  Every game is an adventure.  College football is the greatest sport on the planet.  Get used to this type of hyperbole.  For me, it is just calling it as I see it.