2006 Washington Edition – 10/8/06

Another week, another slew of reasons to love college football ….  Without further adieu:
(1)  I know a lot of my Trojan brethren may be upset with me, and I am well aware of what this coaching staff is capable of, but I am growing increasingly pessimistic about our chances of returning to a BCS bowl, and winning the Pac-10.  There is no need in the world to make excuses, but for one thing, very few people besides those intimately involved in this team and program can appreciate the severity and depth of the injuries we have endured ….  I have never heard of each of the top three wide receivers going out, and each of the top three fullbacks going out, all in one season, on one team.  The truth is that even our beloved Trojans are allowed a year of growth, youth, and inexperience.  I think Booty plays fine football at times, but, at least at this almost halfway point, I do not see championship throws coming off his arm …  The O-line is a fraction of what it was the last several years.  The secondary has been decimated by injuries, and was already very inexperienced.  The team is 5-0, and I hope to all ends I am wrong, but this time will not win its next seven games if it does not get a lot better.  Period.  Of course, Pete Carroll is our coach … (undefeated career in November).
(2)  Washington and Washington St. might be a lot better than people thought, but NO sacks/turnovers??
(3)  I confess that I have simply been far too spoiled the last several years.  Each week is theoretically a loseable game – I haven’t felt that way in a long time.
(4)  I am sorry, but the “SEC or bust” folks receive the most embarrassing news of the year Saturday in the form of that 27-10 whooping of “the incredible Auburn defense” IN Auburn!!!!  Yes, USC is struggling to beat lesser Pac-10 teams right now, but 50-14 AT Arkansas says a lot when Arkansas beats up Auburn, who beat the mighty LSU 7-3.  Since it has nothing to do with anything, I would just like to reiterate for all rational football fans that USC would have beaten LSU by over 14 points in 2003 ….  =)  Any time, any place, SEC friends!!  Not kidding.
(5)  Ohio State is miles apart from #2, and #2/#3 are miles apart from everyone else.  I go Ohio State, Michigan, Florida right now, with #4 through #10 being up for grabs.  However, with that said, I would like to use this paragraph to say what I have wanted to scream from the rooftop since 2002.  RANKINGS UNTIL THE FINAL WEEK OF THE YEAR MEAN NOTHING!!!  Like I have always said, you can call me “Janitor”, as long as you pay me like an executive …  Rank teams however you’d like throughout the season – it only matters how you finish.  Reasonable people know that last year’s USC team was as special as anything that will likely come along in a lifetime, yet at the end of the day, Texas won the final game that mattered.  Lee Corso, the Coaches Poll, the BCS, and all that other drivel don’t mean anything – winning football games does.  If a team is somehow able to miraculously go 12-0 these days, then we can talk.  11-1 will probably get into the championship game this year.  10-2 could win a conference.  That is reality.  I do think Michigan and Florida look more like #2 and #3 teams than USC or West Virginia do, but all that matters is the end of the year.  USC needs to worry about beating the Sun Devils right now.  The mid-stream rankings are something amateurs and losers worry about.  I know a certain cross-town rival that was OBSESSING with their national ranking in November of 1998.  In December of 1999, Miami rushed for over 43,000 yards in one game on them, and the national ranking discussion became quickly obsolete.  Back to the basics.  Win games.  Let media losers (because that is what they are, by definition) fight about the rankings.
(6)  UCLA haters gathering any optimism out of Ben Olson’s injury are likely to be disappointed.  This replacement looked FAR better to me ….  
(7)  Did I mention that Michigan State’s coach should be fired??
(8)  Heisman race is turning into a bore.  Adrian Petersen is out of the running.  Brady Quinn should be, but never lose sight of what a magical performance in the USC/Notre Dame November game can mean (right Carson/Matty)???
(9)  Gotta hand it to those who thought Leinart would be an NFL bust, and the ten teams that skipped him in the NFL draft …  He earns the starting job in just one month as an NFL-employed QB, and goes 22/35 with two TD’s in his first outing.  A missed FG spoiled a heroic comeback drive.  He looks like a veteran out there.  Carson Palmer is a stud, and should have won the NFL MVP last year, but Matty could end up being the best QB in the NFL out of SC’ this decade …  Time will tell.  All I know thus far is, the guy who took Vince Young over Matty should be unemployed.
(10)  I get confused with all of our Heisman winners in the NFL these days.  Was that Reggie Bush running back a punt today for a TD to win the game for the Saints??  Makes one nostalgic, huh?  =)
Fight on,
David L. Bahnsen