Letter to OC Register on flaws in the “freedom movement”

Dear Editor –

John Mackey’s piece in yesterday’s Commentary represented one of the best editorials I have read in years. For the bulk of my adult life I have shared with him a love of “the freedom movement”, yet also have shared his frustration with the near impotence of the movement; I believe he has pinpointed a lot of the problem, and done so eloquently and persuasively.

Without using this word, what he really was referring to is the “secularization” of libertarianism and the freedom movement that has kept it where it is. Yes, Ayn Rand is an unqualified disaster for principled people of faith who share a love of capitalism and limited government. I would add that ultimately, like all houses built on sandy land, any attempt of leading “freedom intellectuals” to advance this cause while simultaneously belittling the [religious] foundation of freedom will continue to fail.

The other major shortcoming in today’s “freedom movement” that I feel needs to be mentioned as a major impediment to its advancement is the continued anti-war, anti-military rhetoric that flows from many of its writers, teachers, and leaders. Those who truly love freedom would do well to remember that “free men” and “free markets” can never exist without – “free nations”.