An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump –

I send this letter as a last resort, recognizing that I am 99.9% sure this is the last chance for us #NeverHillary people to win.  You see, in the name of keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming the next President of the United States, I have done everything I am able to do to keep you from becoming the GOP nominee in this Presidential race.  It is true that along with most conservatives I also prefer you not be the President of the United States, but from a pure anti-Hillary standpoint, I am not coming to you with a very sincere and earnest plea.

I don’t support the idea of the delegates fighting your nomination at the convention.  Rules are rules and all that stuff, and besides, anyone with a pulse and/or brainwave knows that if the GOP convention did that, it would mean riots, lost elections, and essentially a destruction of the GOP party for a long, long time.  So the way I see it, nominating Marco Rubio or Scott Walker or Ted Cruz or John Kasich or a GOP candidate who values Republican and conservative principles who could and would win – well, it didn’t work. Many have looked at a third party run as a way to stop the coming train wreck that you Hillary represent,  and those attempts have not gotten us anywhere.  The notion that revealing a lot of your dirty laundry hasn’t worked either – from the multitude of divorces (which in fairness, are lower than your) multitude of bankruptcies, to your use of private sector eminent domain, to your thousands of lawsuits, to this Trump U debacle, to your bragging of sexual relationships with married women, to your status as a trust fund kid with far less money than you have claimed, to your pretending to be your own publicist to talk to the media, to your total lack of knowledge about U.S. military affairs, to your past advocacy of the Iraq war before you came out against it, to your hiring of illegal immigrants you now say you want to deport, etc., etc., we have shined a light on so much of your torrid past, but as you have said, if you shot someone out on 5th Avenue, your supporters wouldn’t even flinch.  So a really good candidate who can win is not going to happen, and a third party candidate who slides through the back door is not going to happen, and the revelations of your incredibly nefarious past hasn’t worked.  This now brings me to where you, Mr. Trump, can make America great again.

I would like to ask you to drop out of this race, Mr. Trump.  You are going to lose so badly, it isn’t even funny.  You know this in your heart, which is why you have doubled down on this utterly insane racist bash of this esteemed judge.  You have put less money into your campaign than I have spent on dinners this last year, and you are raising money right now at a pace that would make a snail jealous.  You know this can’t be won without money, and you know you don’t have the liquidity to do this.  You also know that if you did you would never, ever go put that cash into this campaign.  I won’t insult you by proving that; we’re on the same page.  What I believe you have the chance to now do is pick your own successor – someone who can keep the support of your supporters, and actually win this race.  Your name and brand will be at multiples of what anyone thought possible (including you), you will get to continue doing the rallies and rah rah excursions as you travel the country promoting your chosen successor, and when this person defeats Hillary Clinton in November, you will be a national treasure.  You will have spared the country from the most corrupt and second most incompetent candidate currently in the race.  America doesn’t want Hillary.  But they want you less.  And you can now have it all.

You can save face, save money, build brand, and save the country – and all you have to do is appoint someone to receive your delegates.  That person will win.  You will be in the history books.  Who loses?

Just Hillary.  And as a #NeverHillary advocate, I am begging you – find a health reason to drop out, or just make no reason up whatsoever.  Your supporters don’t care if you shoot someone on 5th Avenue, remember?

Together we can make America great again.  The roadmap is in this letter

With regards,

David L. Bahnsen

Newport Beach, CA